Complex design of industrial installations
  • Design of pipelines and process equipment
  • Design of heat exchangers
  • Design of devices in the form of skid and modular constructions
  • Design of chemical dosing system
  • Design of pressure and no-pressure tanks
  • Making strength calculations of piping and equipment
  • Making registration documents for devices
Process analyses
  • Design, analysis and verification of installation processes,
  • Analysis of flow in pipelines and equipment,
  • Calculation of pressure losses,
  • Selection of heat exchangers,
  • Selection of pressure equipment,
  • Selection of actuating devices, i.e.: Control valves; Measuring apparatus; Safety valves.
Design of automation and electrical systems for industrial solutions
  • Selection of measuring devices
  • Selection of actuating devices
  • Development of control algorithms
  • Execution of AKPiA projects (Control and Measurement Instruments and Equipment)
  • Execution of industrial power systems and power distribution projects
  • Execution of auxiliary system projects (e.g. fire protection, gas detection, access control, lighting, lightning protection, etc.)
Design and construction industry projects
  • Construction projects of civil engineering, in particular:
  • Steel structures; reinforced concrete structures
  • Analysis and strength calculations of complex structures
  • Workshop projects
  • Detailed designs
  • Work organization and specialist transport projects.
Production of pipelines
  • Prefabrication and assembly of pipelines
  • Design of devices in skid and modular buildings
  • Design of devices for dosing of chemicals
  • Repairs of industrial installations
  • Execution of modernization on active installations
  • Hot tapping
  • Making fixtures and construction supports for pipelines
Production of steel structures
  • Production of steel structures in accordance with PN-EN 1090
  • Frame structures - flyovers, shelves, halls, pipeline supports.
  • Plane structures - pressure, storage, vertical, horizontal vessels
  • Skid frames for devices
  • Design elements for platforms
  • Elements for vertical transport
Offshore industry
  • Making installations,
  • Making skids or modules,
  • Modernization, renovation and repair of existing systems,
  • Structural repairs,
  • Execution of high-quality steel structures,
  • Adjustment of offshore facilities to meet the requirements of Marpol and Helicom.
Welding technologies and Non-Destructive Testing
  • Welding of low alloy steel,  high-alloy steel including, austenitic stainless steel type, duplex, superduplex,
  • Welding of copper-nickel alloys (CuNi), Welding of stainless chromium-molybdenum alloys (HM),
  • Development of welding procedure qualification report (WPQR), Preparation of welding procedure specification (WPS),
  • Making NDT: VT, PT, PMI (chemical composition test), ferrite content, residual oxygen content.

T.T.U. Zdzisław Urbanowicz Sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing specialist engineering company that has been operating on the market since 1995.

We act as the main contractor or subcontractor for investments in the field of design and implementation, installation, modernization and repair of complete technological installations, pipelines, tanks and steel structures.

Our clients are leading companies in the country operating in the chemical, petrochemical, as well as shipbuilding and offshore industries.

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