Skid detailed design on the basis of documentation by the Ellinsgen Company

Multi-branch project of Modernisation of an Atmospheric Distillation Unit in GL S.A.

Skid project for Corrosion Inhibitor Dosing in GL S.A.

Heat Exchanger Project No. 2930-E1 for GL S.A.

“Cove Point” Analysis and Calculation of Stress for Alstom Power

Making strength calculations of hydrocarbon pipelines for GL S.A.

Analysis of operating pipelines in GL S.A. along with calculations of elimination

Analysis of Thermal Cycles for the AECOM Company

Design and execution of a Formation Water Pre-heater on the LPB Platform

Design and execution of a Pipeline that directs fraction PON-900 to feedstock of system 520 in the Lotos Group.

Design and execution of a Shut-off Valve building with SOV Valve on the LPB Platform

Design and execution of Modernization of the LBP Platform

Modernization of a marine fuel gate at Grupa Lotos S.A

Expansion of a heating oil installation at Grupa Lotos S.A.

Execution of a thermal insulation housing for a conveyor belt at Mondi Świecie S.A.

Renovation of three sampling systems at Grupa Lotos S.A.

Renovation of tank V = 5000 m3 at Grupa Lotos S.A

Repair of Lotos Petrobaltic Platform legs

Expansion of an infrastructure for railway tank unloading with a position for crude oil re-ception at Grupa Lotos S.A.

Execution of Piping for module No. 1 at the Lotos Petrobaltic Platform

Modernization of existing piperack for new installations of the EFRA project at Grupa Lotos S.A.

Modernization of the Petrofac FPF-1 Platform - execution of pipelines in the process zone

Expansion of the liquid gases tank park at Grupa Lotos S.A. along with execution of a steel station roof

Installation of the so-called spider deck along with execution of risers on the Lotos Petrobaltic Platform